Surrounded in a fashion led environment style became second nature to me, it’s always something I’ve been strongly passionate about. However, Scotland doesn’t have copious amounts of opportunities for fashion grads like myself so I decided to make my own opportunity and so, STESSO was born.

When styling myself I find a garment that I vibe off of – something that’s out of the norm – then build a look around that, so this became the backbone of the STESSO brand. Unique pieces for you to style your own way. There’s no right or wrong to styling which makes it so interesting, I want girls to vibe off of my garments and find their inner stylist too.

Everything you see on STESSO is designed from scratch by myself, these garments have been reworked and improved for 6 months at least to give you the best quality, fit and design. Nothing is churned out on the regular, mass manufacturing is not the vibe. STESSO’s motto? Buy less, choose well. Make it last.

I hope you’re as obsessed as I am.
Kisses from,